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Refactor QWasmEventTranslator for added readability
Change listing: - change names of abbreviated structures/variables (e.g. KeyTbl -> WebToQtKeyCodeMappings) - add constants for commonly used magic strings ("Dead", StringTerminator) - use common idioms for common tasks (find_if, std::optional) - use binary search as facilitated by the sorted array instead of a full search - this optimizes the code at no cost - remove dead code (double translateEmscriptKey in QWasmEventTranslator::getKey, remove sticky dead key support as it was write-only, remove the dead setIsMac and g_usePlatformMacSpecifics, remove the dead getWindowAt). - cull the public interface on QWasmEventTranslator as some functions are only used internally (translateEmscriptKey) - simplify / shorten functions by short-circuiting - modernize definitions (= default) - auto-format the changes using clang-format The file is now much easier to read and understand. Change-Id: I5ea2bdafd9b9abc009feeb5516ddd87fb0ca212e Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <>
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