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QNSView: Harden logic around platform window access
Some users have reported crashes in -[QNSView mouseEnteredImpl:] which we believe are due to null m_platformWindow. The stack traces are like the one below or similar: 0 libqcocoa_dylib QNSView mouseEnteredImpl_ 0x1F 1 appkit NSTrackingArea _dispatchMouseEntered_ 0xA2 2 appkit NSApplication sendEvent_ 0xF4D 3 libqcocoa_dylib QNSApplication sendEvent_ 0x4E 4 libqcocoa_dylib QCocoaEventDispatcher processEvents 0x184 5 qtcore QEventLoop exec 0x19C 6 qtwidgets QDialog exec 0x20B Moreover, since 2f505b79a49bdf5ba8d084e13ab339bcf956c849, that member is a QPointer, so we should do more systematic checks. Change-Id: Iced447515a4ae07a62734e587f5b08d46d313071 Reviewed-by: Timur Pocheptsov <>
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