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tst_qpainter: change the FP exception block-list to a pass-listHEADdev
We should prefer to test this unless we know it won't work, but this is very hardware and implementation-dependent anyway. So I declare that we'll only guarantee FP exception cleanliness on a best-effort basis for a few platforms. The notable difference in this commit is the removal of QNX. I don't know why it began producing an FP exception with one of my changes, but since the toolchain isn't public, I can't debug and will not devote any time to figuring it out. If users of QNX require this, then someone with interest in that OS will need to spend time after my changes integrate. Change-Id: Ibcde9b9795ad42ac9978fffd16f1cb9c03a0ff66 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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