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Android: blacklist a list of failing tests for android
We want to re-enable Android tests in QTQAINFRA-3867. However, many tests are failing already preventing that from happening. QTBUG-87025 is currently keeping track (links) to all of those failing tests. The current proposal is to hide those failing tests, and enable Android test running in COIN for other tests. After, that try to fix them one by one, and at the same time we can make sure no more failing tests go unnoticed. Task-number: QTBUG-87025 Change-Id: Ic1fe9fdd167cbcfd99efce9a09c69c344a36bbe4 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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macos # Can't move cursor (QTBUG-76312)
macos # Can't move cursor (QTBUG-76312)
+# QTBUG-87668