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committerQt by Nokia <>2012-07-28 00:09:45 +0200
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fix host vs. makefile directory separator mess
the system path separator and shell are bound to the host system (system() will use cmd even on mingw with sh.exe in path). the makefiles otoh may depend on what the qmakespec defines. consequently, add $$system_path() and $$system_quote() (for use with system() & $$system()). $$native_path() is renamed to $$shell_path() and should be used with $$shell_quote() to produce command lines in makefiles. $$QMAKE_DIR_SEP needs to be applied to Option::dir_sep right after parsing the spec, so it is available to $$shell_{path,quote}(). Change-Id: If3db4849e7f96068cf03a32348a24f3a72d6292c Reviewed-by: Rafael Roquetto <> Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <>
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diff --git a/tests/auto/tools/qmake/testdata/functions/ b/tests/auto/tools/qmake/testdata/functions/
index 884113b95a..98e12b7650 100644
--- a/tests/auto/tools/qmake/testdata/functions/
+++ b/tests/auto/tools/qmake/testdata/functions/
@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ testReplace($$format_number(13, width=5 padsign zeropad), " 0013", "zero-padded
testReplace($$clean_path("c:$${DIR_SEPARATOR}crazy//path/../trolls"), "c:/crazy/trolls", "clean_path")
-testReplace($$native_path("/crazy/trolls"), "$${DIR_SEPARATOR}crazy$${DIR_SEPARATOR}trolls", "native_path")
+testReplace($$shell_path("/crazy/trolls"), "$${QMAKE_DIR_SEP}crazy$${QMAKE_DIR_SEP}trolls", "shell_path")
+testReplace($$system_path("/crazy/trolls"), "$${DIR_SEPARATOR}crazy$${DIR_SEPARATOR}trolls", "system_path")
testReplace($$absolute_path("crazy/trolls"), "$$PWD/crazy/trolls", "absolute_path")
testReplace($$absolute_path("crazy/trolls", "/fake/path"), "/fake/path/crazy/trolls", "absolute_path with base")
@@ -142,10 +143,17 @@ testReplace($$relative_path(""), "", "relative_path of empty")
#this test is very rudimentary. the backend function is thoroughly tested in qt creator
in = "some nasty\" path\\"
-win32: \
- out = "\"some nasty\"\\^\"\" path\"\\"
+out_cmd = "\"some nasty\"\\^\"\" path\"\\"
+out_sh = "'some nasty\" path\\'"
+equals(QMAKE_HOST.os, Windows): \
+ out = $$out_cmd
else: \
- out = "'some nasty\" path\\'"
+ out = $$out_sh
+testReplace($$system_quote($$in), $$out, "system_quote")
+!equals(QMAKE_DIR_SEP, /): \
+ out = $$out_cmd
+else: \
+ out = $$out_sh
testReplace($$shell_quote($$in), $$out, "shell_quote")
testReplace($$reverse($$list(one two three)), three two one, "reverse")