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Ensure that moc doesn't resolve the qreal meta-type id
When cross-compiling, the qreal type can be different on the target than on the host (e.g. double on host, and float on target). moc is a host binary, so it shouldn't try to resolve the type id of qreal, but instead always output "QMetaType::QReal" (which is just an alias for QMetaType::Double or QMetaType::Float, depending on the target). This was a regression introduced in commit f95181c7bb340744a0ce172e8c5a8fcdc2543297 (new meta-object format); the special-casing for qreal should have been kept. Moved the code that generates the type info into its own function so the logic is shared by generateFunctions() and generateProperties(). Change-Id: I2b76cf063a08ba95a7e6033549452355f67283ac Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <> Reviewed-by: João Abecasis <>
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