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Set CONFIG += benchmark in corelib's various benchmarks
This leads to "make benchmark" actually running the benchmark, which would be nice, I think. Purged various CONFIG += release or -= debug lines from the same configurations; those surely only configure how the test code is compiled, which is more or less pointless; it's the code under test whose debug/release state matters, and I don't suppose that's affected by the build config of the test code. In the process, reduce diversity of the ordering of lines within these *.pro files and purge some dangling space. Change-Id: Ia9f9f0ca4c096262de928806bdfa6ea3b9e7b9ba Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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--- a/tests/benchmarks/corelib/kernel/qmetaobject/
+++ b/tests/benchmarks/corelib/kernel/qmetaobject/
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+CONFIG += benchmark
QT += widgets testlib
-TARGET = tst_bench_qmetaobject
+TARGET = tst_bench_qmetaobject
SOURCES += main.cpp