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Centralize the implementation of move assignment operators
At the moment we have two main strategies for dealing with move assignment in Qt: 1) move-and-swap, used by "containers" (in the broad sense): containers, but also smart pointers and similar classes that can hold user-defined types; 2) pure swap, used by containers that hold only memory (e.g. QString, QByteArray, ...) as well as most implicitly shared datatypes. Given the fact that a move assignment operator's code is just boilerplate (whether it's move-and-swap or pure swap), provide two _strictly internal_ macros to help write them, and apply the macros across corelib and gui, porting away from the hand-rolled implementations. The rule of thumb when porting to the new macros is: * Try to stick to the existing code behavior, unless broken * if changing, then follow this checklist: * if the class does not have a move constructor => pure swap (but consider ADDING a move constructor, if possible!) * if the class does have a move constructor, try to follow the criteria above, namely: * if the class holds only memory, pure swap; * if the class may hold anything else but memory (file handles, etc.), then move and swap. Noteworthy details: * some operators planned to be removed in Qt 6 were not ported; * as drive-by, some move constructors were simplified to be using qExchange(); others were outright broken and got fixed; * some contained some more interesting code and were not touched. Change-Id: Idaab3489247dcbabb6df3fa1e5286b69e1d372e9 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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