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Don't attempt to build benchmarks if release-mode Qt is not available
All of the benchmarks explicitly turn on release mode. This fails on Mac and Windows if Qt is configured as debug-only. It is also possibly misleading on Linux, as compiling the benchmark in release mode does not imply that Qt is compiled in release mode. The results are generally not useful if release mode Qt is not available, so disable them by default in this case. Change-Id: Ifa2bb6ab6412dd360ff9dfb890ace2f51e0eef86 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Qt Sanity Bot <> Reviewed-by: Jo Asplin <>
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TEMPLATE = subdirs
-SUBDIRS = auto \
- benchmarks
+SUBDIRS = auto
+# benchmarks in debug mode is rarely sensible
+contains(QT_CONFIG,release):SUBDIRS += benchmarks