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Add support for Apple tvOS
Pass -xplatform macx-tvos-clang to configure to build. Builds device and simulator by default. Added ‘uikit’ platform with the common setup. Also added QT_PLATFORM_UIKIT define (undocumented). qmake config defines tvos (but not ios). tvOS is 64bits only (QT_ARCH is arm64) and requires bitcode to be embedded in the binary. A new ‘bitcode’ configuration was added. For ReleaseDevice builds (which get archived and push to the store), bitcode is actually embedded (-fembed-bitcode passed to clang). For all other configurations, only using bitcode markers to keep file size down (-fembed-bitcode-marker). Build disables Widgets in qtbase, and qtscript (unsupported, would require fixes to JavaScriptCore source code). Qpa same as on iOS but disables device orientation, status bar, clipboard, menus, dialogs which are not supported on tvOS. Change-Id: I645804fd933be0befddeeb43095a74d2c178b2ba Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ SUBDIRS = auto
# benchmarks in debug mode is rarely sensible
# benchmarks are not sensible for code coverage (here with tool testcocoon)
-!ios:!testcocoon:contains(QT_CONFIG,release):SUBDIRS += benchmarks
+!uikit:!testcocoon:contains(QT_CONFIG,release):SUBDIRS += benchmarks