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Re-enable the corelib autotests on Mac OS X
This is the first change to re-enable the autotests for the individual qtbase modules. This means adding subdir.CONFIG=no_check_target for each module (except corelib) in tests/auto/ instead of in tests/ QFileSystemWatcher, QIODeice, QSettings, QTextStream, QSocketNotifier, QVariant, QPluginLoader, QLocale: These tests currently fail, which will block any changes that attempt to re-enable the autotests. Ignore the failures for now by marking them as insignificant. QAbstractItemModel: This test currently crashes, which can destabilize the CI system when attempting to re-enable the autotests. Skip this test for now by disabling the check target for it. Change-Id: Ie5147d5c5cfae5e7d0a495d5c4788ce92fe2e6d8 Reviewed-by: Marius Storm-Olsen <>
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@@ -4,6 +4,3 @@ SUBDIRS = auto
# benchmarks in debug mode is rarely sensible
# benchmarks are not sensible for code coverage (here with tool testcocoon)
!testcocoon:contains(QT_CONFIG,release):SUBDIRS += benchmarks
-# disable 'make check' on Mac OS X for the time being
-mac: auto.CONFIG += no_check_target