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qdoc: Resolve .qhp table of contents sections correctly
With the recent changes in QDoc, we can no longer assume that pages listed in the TOC are of type DocNode. For example, all Qt modules want to list C++/QML type index pages in the TOC, and those are now of type CollectionNode. This change fixes the issue by using a more generic search function when generating the .qhp TOC, one that doesn't restrict the results to any specific node type. As an exception, the main index page for a project must still be a DocNode, i.e. a page declared using the \page command. However, we do want to restrict the search to the pages in this documentation module only - for that purpose, a function for setting a local search order is introduced. Task-number: QTBUG-40241 Change-Id: Ibaa5af9c5de6436f34b7ae67e56733817fc090b9 Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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