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Fix the alignment for non-ASCII strings
d040681b6f3d03b349e9b9487fe89a611d03ee3c added support for aligning the test results for easier side-by-side comparison of the actual and expected values. However, it didn't take into account multibyte strings. That is, we would see: FAIL! tst_testcase::testcase: Compared values are not the same Actual (QString("é")): F0O Expected (expected) : FOO We use mbstowcs (multibyte string to wide char string) that calculates the length in wide chars of the output string. That's roughly equivalent to QString::fromLocal8Bit(string).toUcs4().size(). Change-Id: Ic2649951c50e05143da32a7fbef00a01e385c542 Reviewed-by: Jason McDonald <>
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