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cmake: disable snippets/graphicsview if "printdialog" is not available
The graphicsview doc snippet has an explicit QT_REQUIRE_CONFIG(printdialog) check that will fail the build if Qt is not configured with "printdialog". This check should be mirrored in the cmake file, so that we skip building the snippet in the first place if the feature is not available. As it stood, we would build the snippet if "printsupport" was enabled. But this is too granular, as you can configure Qt to have general print support, but at the same time, skip the print dialog. This caused the build to fail on iOS. This patch will check the correct feature in the cmake file. Change-Id: I31acc1f7c257e08374ea7b84a7fc38c66f214271 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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