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CMake: Fix target dependency cycle regarding qpa plugins in qtwayland
With the introduction of the new 'default_qpa_plugins' custom target, a target dependency cycle occurred in qtwayland: qtwaylandscanner -> default_qpa_plugins -> a wayland qpa plugin -> WaylandClient -> qtwaylandscanner The issue is twofold: - default_qpa_plugins accidentally depended on non-qpa plugins. - All qpa plugins were enabled by default, including the wayland ones. Fix the default_qpa_plugins target not to depend on regular non-qpa plugins. Also fix qpa plugins not to be enabled by default, but instead only choose one qpa plugin to be the default (via evaluating the DEFAULT_IF) condition. Amends df9c7456d11dfcf74c7399ba0981a3ba3d3f5117 Change-Id: I22cd2c72f6b75be54263fd21097258bd179e3616 Reviewed-by: Cristian Adam <>
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