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Add QUrl::topLevelDomain() and move TLD table from QtNetwork to QtCore
Move Qt's copy of the Mozilla public suffix list from QtNetwork to QtCore and use it to expose a new API function QUrl::topLevelDomain(). This function returns the section of the url that is a registrar-controlled top level domain. QtCore now exports a couple of functions to the other Qt modules: qTopLevelDomain, a helper function for QUrl::topLevelDomain(); and qIsEffectiveTLD(), a helper function for QNetworkCookeieJar. The motivation for this new API is to allow QtWebKit implement a Third-Party Cookie blocking policy. For this QtWebKit needs to know the element of the url that is the registry-controlled TLD. Without this knowledge it would end up blocking third-party cookies per host rather than per registry-controlled domain. See also Merge-request: 1205 Task-number: QTBUG-13601 Reviewed-by: Peter Hartmann <> (cherry picked from commit 154402f56dcf8303a6ce601a52215226af8d31ba)
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