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diff --git a/cmake/QtBuild.cmake b/cmake/QtBuild.cmake
index b7d7ab3eaa..5e2268254e 100644
--- a/cmake/QtBuild.cmake
+++ b/cmake/QtBuild.cmake
@@ -685,8 +685,11 @@ function(qt_create_nolink_target target dependee_target)
# Create the nolink interface target, assign the properties from the original target,
# associate the nolink target with the same export which contains
# the target that uses the _nolink target.
- # Also create a namespaced alias of the form {$target}::${target}_nolink which is used by
+ # Also create a namespaced alias of the form ${target}::${target}_nolink which is used by
# our modules.
+ # Also create a Qt namespaced alias target, because when exporting via install(EXPORT)
+ # Vulkan::Vulkan_nolink transforms into Qt6::Vulkan_nolink, and the latter needs to be an
+ # accessible alias for standalone tests.
if(NOT TARGET "${nolink_target}")
add_library("${nolink_target}" INTERFACE)
set(prefixed_nolink_target "${target}_nolink")
@@ -703,6 +706,7 @@ function(qt_create_nolink_target target dependee_target)
add_library(${prefixed_nolink_target} ALIAS ${nolink_target})
+ add_library("${INSTALL_CMAKE_NAMESPACE}::${nolink_target}" ALIAS ${nolink_target})
set(export_name "${INSTALL_CMAKE_NAMESPACE}${dependee_target}Targets")
qt_install(TARGETS ${nolink_target} EXPORT ${export_name})