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@@ -240,6 +240,12 @@ QtCore
now return an empty QString, QStringRef or QByteArray respectively.
in Qt 4 they returned a null QString or a null QStringRef.
+* QString methods toLongLong(), toULongLong(), toLong(), toULong(), toInt(),
+ toUInt(), toShort(), toUShort(), toDouble(), and toFloat() no longer use the
+ default or system locale, they will always use the C locale. This is to
+ guarantee consistent default conversion of strings. For locale-aware conversions
+ use the equivalent QLocale methods.
* QDate, QTime, and QDateTime have undergone important behavioural changes:
* QDate only implements the Gregorian calendar, the switch to the Julian
calendar before 1582 has been removed. This means all QDate methods will