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@@ -294,6 +294,9 @@ QtGui
- [QTBUG-27349] Reintroduced command line argument for positioning
windows (-geometry on X11, -qwindowgeometry on other platforms)
+ - [QTBUG-28832] Fixed regression from Qt 4 when using
+ QTextOption::ShowLineAndParagraphSeparators.
@@ -620,6 +623,40 @@ Android
show the status bar (QWindow::showMaximized()). Use
QWindow::showFullScreen() to hide it.
- Implemented support for accessibility on Android.
+ - Implemented support for native action bar backend for menu bars in
+ Qt Quick Controls and Qt Widgets.
+ - Implemented support for native popup menus and comboboxes in Qt Quick
+ Controls.
+ - Implemented support for native message boxes in Qt Widgets.
+ - Several improvements to handling dialogs and multiple top-level
+ windows in Qt Widgets.
+ - Implemented automatic inclusion of necessary permissions in manifest
+ when linking against Qt Multimedia.
+ - Fixed crash on startup when running on Android 4.4.
+ - Add requirement for Android SDK version 13 or higher for building
+ Qt application. Note that this is for building only. The application
+ can still be targeted for devices with SDK versions 9 and up.
+ - Default to target SDK version 14 to disable overflow button in
+ system navigation.
+ - New module: Qt Android Extras. Contains convenience APIs for using
+ JNI, and will in the future include support for Android-specific
+ features which do not fit in a cross-platform API.
+ - Implemented support for thread-affinity in qrand() functions.
+ - Fixed several problems with predictive text in soft keyboard.
+ - Made several improvements to stability.
+ - Implemented support for camera and low-latency audio in Qt Multimedia.
+ - Fixed driver-specific bugs in text rendering in Qt Quick 2.
+ - Added preference in default manifest for installing applications to
+ external storage if possible.
+ - Fixed delivery of key press event for the Back key.
+ - Fixed race condition when showing a window in full screen which would
+ cause it to not be maximized.
+ - Fixed input method hints.
+ - Made font point sizes compatible with the interpretation of point
+ sizes on iOS to ease sharing code between the two platforms.
+ - Added support for QAmbientTemperatureSensor, QPressureSensor
+ and QProximitySensor to Qt Sensors.
+ - Removed dependency on Qt Widgets in default build of Qt Quick Controls.