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@@ -353,6 +353,13 @@ QtCore
QRegularExpressionMatchIterator. They aim to replace QRegExp with a more
powerful and flexible regular expression engine.
+* Certain methods in QRegExp that modified the object's internals are no longer marked
+ const. They were accidentally marked const in Qt 4 but the problem could not be
+ fixed. The following are suggestions to adapt code to this change:
+ - make sure the QRegExp object is not const in the given context
+ - create a copy of the QRegExp object before using it
+ - invert the operation and use QString. E.g., rx.indexIn(string) becomes string.indexOf(rx)
* QEvent::AccessibilityPrepare, AccessibilityHelp and AccessibilityDescription removed:
* The enum values simply didn't make sense in the first place and should simply be dropped.
@@ -457,7 +464,7 @@ QTestLib
* The dataChanged() signal is now emitted for changes made to an inserted
record that has not yet been committed. Previously, dataChanged() was
@@ -492,6 +499,10 @@ removed and only if there are no other changed rows.
QSqlTableModel::indexInQuery() as example of how to implement in a
+* QSqlQueryMode::setQuery() emits fewer signals. The modelAboutToBeReset()
+and modelReset() signals suffice to inform views that they must reinterrogate
+the model.
* QSqlTableModel::selectRow(): This is a new method that refreshes a single
row in the model from the database.
@@ -627,6 +638,26 @@ Qt for Windows CE
cleared). Any QPointers tracking a widget will NOT be cleared before the
QWidget destructor destroys the children for the widget being tracked.
+- QUrl
+ * QUrl has been changed to operate only on percent-encoded
+ forms. Fully-decoded forms, where the percent character stands for itself,
+ are no longer possible. For that reason, the getters and setters with
+ "encoded" in the name are deprecated, except for QUrl::toEncoded() and
+ QUrl::fromEncoded().
+ QUrl now operates in a mode where it decodes as much as it can of the
+ percent-encoding sequences. In addition, the setter methods possess a mode
+ in which a '%' character not part of a percent-encoding sequence will cause
+ the parser to correct the input. Therefore, most software will not require
+ changes to adapt, since the getter methods will continue returning the
+ components in their most-decoded form as they did before and the setter
+ methods will accept input as they did before..
+ The most notable difference is when dealing with
+ QUrl::toString(). Previously, this function would return percent characters
+ in the URL by themselves. Now, it will return "%25", like
+ QUrl::toEncoded().
- QVariant