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We hope you will enjoy using Qt!
- The Qt developers @
+ In memory of Trond Kjernåsen.
+ You will not be forgotten. \ No newline at end of file
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* Platform Specific Changes *
+The Qt platform implementations have been rewritten as plugins for the Qt
+Platform Abstraction (QPA):
+* The platform plugin(s) needs to be bundled when applications are deployed.
+* The platform implementations are in large parts rewrites.
+* Q_WS_* defines are no longer defined. Q_OS_* is.
+* Some platform specific functionality and API is missing from the 5.0
+ release and will be added later.
+* Platform spesific functionality will be added in separate modules:
+ QtMacExtras:
Qt for Linux/X11
@@ -842,6 +854,35 @@ Qt for Windows
Qt for Mac OS X
+* Qt now uses Cocoa, the Carbon port has been removed.
+* The minimum supported OS X version is 10.6. PPC is not supported.
+* Qt generally supports cross OS X version build and deployment (build
+ on any supported version and deploy to any other). One exception is
+ QtWebkit, which should be built using the 10.6 SDK if you want to target
+ that platform.
+* The Qt binary installer has been changed to use the Qt installer framework.
+ Qt is now installed into one location instead of being spread out over multiple
+ directories.
+* The Qt binary installer is built against the 10.7 SDK and does not
+ run on 10.6.
+* The Clang compiler is used by default. Gcc is available trough the
+ macx-g++* mkspecs.
+* Build-system support for universal binaries has been removed. The "lipo"
+ command-line tool can be used as a workaround.
+* Qt now use the raster paint engine on all platforms for drawing widgets.
+ CoreGraphics is still used for printing on Mac.
+* Support for high-dpi "retina" displays has been added for widgets,
+ OpenGL and QtQuick.
+* The unified toolbar implementation from Qt 4 has not and will not be ported
+ to Qt 5. This means calling QMainWindow::setUnifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac has
+ no effect on Qt 5. A replacement API which wraps NSToolbar is available in
+ QtMacExtras.
+* MacDeployQt plugin deployment has been improved. It will no longer try to
+ deploy all plugins with all dependencies.
+* Qt has been updated to be in compliance with the Mac App Store sandbox, and
+ will for example no longer try to write settings to files outside the sandbox.
+* The "qt_menu.nib" issue preventing static/non-framework builds from working
+ has been fixed.
Qt for Embedded Linux
@@ -1022,6 +1063,11 @@ Qt for Windows CE
Please, notice that QMetaType::UnknownType has value 0, which previously was
reserved for QMetaType::Void.
+- QWidget
+ * No need to set the application name in setWindowTitle() anymore, this is done
+ automatically, on Windows and Unix/X11, provided that the (possibly translated)
+ application display name is set with QGuiApplication::setApplicationDisplayName().
- QMessageBox