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FortuneServer inherits QTcpServer and reimplements
QTcpServer::incomingConnection(). We also use it for storing the list of
- random fortunes.
+ random fortunes.
\snippet threadedfortuneserver/fortuneserver.cpp 0
We use FortuneServer's constructor to simply generate the list of
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
QThread::run(), and it has a signal for reporting errors.
\snippet threadedfortuneserver/fortunethread.cpp 0
FortuneThread's constructor simply stores the socket descriptor and
fortune text, so that they are available for run() later on.
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But unlike the previous example, we finish off by calling
QTcpSocket::waitForDisconnected(), which blocks the calling thread until
the socket has disconnected. Because we are running in a separate thread,
- the GUI will remain responsive.
+ the GUI will remain responsive.
\sa {Fortune Server Example}, {Fortune Client Example}, {Blocking Fortune
Client Example}