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\snippet widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.cpp 2
- In the \c loadFile() function, we check if the file's
- format is an image format by constructing a QImage which tries to
- load the image from the file. If the constructor returns a null
- image, we use a QMessageBox to alert the user.
+ In the \c loadFile() function, we instantiate a QImageReader
+ and enable automatic transformations by calling
+ QImageReader::setAutoTransform(). For files in JPEG format,
+ this ensures that portrait mode images of digital cameras are shown
+ correctly by applying the appropriate orientation read from the
+ EXIF meta data stored in the image file.
+ We then load the image using QImageReader::read(). If this returns
+ a null image, indicating that the file is not an image file,
+ we use a QMessageBox to alert the user.
The QMessageBox class provides a modal dialog with a short
message, an icon, and some buttons. As with QFileDialog the