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QSortFilterProxyModel is the class responsible for filtering
the contacts for each group of contacts. Each proxy model uses
- a QRegExp to filter out contacts that do not belong in the
+ a QRegularExpression to filter out contacts that do not belong in the
corresponding alphabetical group. The \c AddDialog class is
used to obtain information from the user for the address book.
This QDialog subclass is instantiated by \c NewAddressTab to
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group tabs, table views and proxy models in
\c AddressWidget. Each proxy model in turn is set to filter
contact names according to the relevant alphabet group using a
- \l{Qt::CaseInsensitive}{case-insensitive} QRegExp object. The
+ case-insensitive QRegularExpression object. The
table views are also sorted in ascending order using the
corresponding proxy model's \l{QSortFilterProxyModel::}{sort()}
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case insensitive matching, multiline matching, Unicode properties selectors
and partial/incremental matching.
- QRegularExpression is a big improvement over QRegExp in terms of features
- and performance and should be used in all new code.
\image regularexpression-example.png