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currently available GUI styles using
QStyleFactory. QStyleFactory::keys() returns a list of valid keys,
typically including "windows" and "fusion". Depending on the platform,
- "windowsvista" and "macintosh" may be available.
+ "windowsvista" and "macos" may be available.
We create one action for each key, and adds the action to the
action group. Also, for each action, we call QAction::setData()
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For each action, we first extract the style name using
QAction::data(). Since this is only a QStyleFactory key (e.g.,
- "macintosh"), we cannot compare it directly to the current
+ "macos"), we cannot compare it directly to the current
style's class name. We need to create a QStyle object using the
static QStyleFactory::create() function and compare the class
name of the created QStyle object with that of the current style.