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-// Copyright (c) 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
-// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
-// found in the LICENSE file.
-// angle_windowsstore.h:
-// The following properties can be set on the CoreApplication to support additional
-// ANGLE configuration options.
-// The Visual Studio sample templates provided with this version of ANGLE have examples
-// of how to set these property values.
-// Property: EGLNativeWindowTypeProperty
-// Type: IInspectable
-// Description: Set this property to specify the window type to use for creating a surface.
-// If this property is missing, surface creation will fail.
-const wchar_t EGLNativeWindowTypeProperty[] = L"EGLNativeWindowTypeProperty";
-// Property: EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty
-// Type: Size
-// Description: Set this property to specify a preferred size in pixels of the render surface.
-// The render surface size width and height must be greater than 0.
-// If this property is set, then the render surface size is fixed.
-// The render surface will then be scaled to the window dimensions.
-// If this property is missing, a default behavior will be provided.
-// The default behavior uses the window size if a CoreWindow is specified or
-// the size of the SwapChainPanel control if one is specified.
-const wchar_t EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty[] = L"EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty";
-// Property: EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty
-// Type: Single
-// Description: Use this to specify a preferred scale for the render surface compared to the window.
-// For example, if the window is 800x480, and:
-// - scale is set to 0.5f then the surface will be 400x240
-// - scale is set to 1.2f then the surface will be 960x576
-// If the window resizes or rotates then the surface will resize accordingly.
-// EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty and EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty cannot both be set.
-// The scale factor should be > 0.0f.
-const wchar_t EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty[] = L"EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty";