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+The FreeType 2 font engine is copyrighted work and cannot be used
+legally without a software license. In order to make this project
+usable to a vast majority of developers, we distribute it under two
+mutually exclusive open-source licenses.
+This means that *you* must choose *one* of the two licenses described
+below, then obey all its terms and conditions when using FreeType 2 in
+any of your projects or products.
+ - The FreeType License, found in the file `FTL.TXT', which is similar
+ to the original BSD license *with* an advertising clause that forces
+ you to explicitly cite the FreeType project in your product's
+ documentation. All details are in the license file. This license
+ is suited to products which don't use the GNU General Public
+ License.
+ - The GNU General Public License version 2, found in `GPL.TXT' (any
+ later version can be used also), for programs which already use the
+ GPL. Note that the FTL is incompatible with the GPL due to its
+ advertisement clause.
+The contributed PCF driver comes with a license similar to that of the X
+Window System. It is compatible to the above two licenses (see file
+--- end of LICENSE.TXT ---