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Of course, there might be bugs in FreeType, but some fonts based on
-the PostScript format can't behandled indeed. The reason is that
+the PostScript format can't be handled indeed. The reason is that
FreeType doesn't contain a full PostScript interpreter but applies
pattern matching instead. In case a font doesn't follow the standard
structure of the given font format, FreeType fails. A typical example
@@ -25,6 +25,19 @@ It might be possible to patch FreeType in some situations, though.
Please report failing fonts so that we investigate the problem and set
up a list of such problematic fonts.
+* Why do identical FreeType versions render differently on different
+ platforms?
+Different distributions compile FreeType with different options. The
+developer version of a distribution's FreeType package, which is
+needed to compile your program against FreeType, includes the file
+ftoption.h. Compare each platform's copy of ftoption.h to find the