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@@ -385,23 +385,3 @@ XVI. Other sources of information about libpng:
Further information can be found in the README and libpng-manual.txt
files, in the individual makefiles, in png.h, and the manual pages
libpng.3 and png.5.
-Using the ./configure script -- 16 December 2002.
-The ./configure script should work compatibly with what scripts/makefile.*
-did, however there are some options you might need to add to configure
-explicitly, which previously was done semi-automatically (if you didn't edit
-scripts/makefile.* yourself, that is)
-CFLAGS="-Wall -O -funroll-loops \
--malign-loops=2 -malign-functions=2" ./configure --prefix=/usr/include \
---with-pkgconfigdir=/usr/lib/pkgconfig --includedir=/usr/include
-You can alternatively specify --includedir=/usr/include, /usr/local/include,
-/usr/include/libpng16, or whatever.
-If you find that the configure script is out-of-date or is not supporting
-your platform properly, try running to regenerate "configure",
-"", and the other configuration files. Then try configure again.