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+Changes in TIFF v3.4beta036
+<FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, Sans">
+<HR SIZE=4 WIDTH=65% ALIGN=left>
+<B>Current Version</B>: v3.4beta036<BR>
+<B>Previous Version</B>: <A HREF=v3.4beta035.html>v3.4beta035</A><BR>
+<B>Master FTP Site</B>: <A HREF=""> (, directory graphics/tiff</A><BR>
+<HR SIZE=4 WIDTH=65% ALIGN=left>
+This document describes the changes made to the software between the
+<I>previous</I> and <I>current</I> versions (see above).
+If you don't find something listed here, then it was not done in this
+timeframe, or it was not considered important enough to be mentioned.
+The following information is located here:
+<LI><A HREF="#configure">Changes in the software configuration</A>
+<LI><A HREF="#libtiff">Changes in libtiff</A>
+<LI><A HREF="#tools">Changes in the tools</A>
+<P><HR WIDTH=65% ALIGN=right>
+<LI>support was added for building the library as a DSO under HP-UX with
+ the native C compiler
+<LI>tools are now built with explicit pathnames for the DSO under IRIX,
+ Solaris, and Linux
+<LI>DSO configuration support for Linux was changed to require that
+ <B></B> only be readable (not executable)
+<P><HR WIDTH=65% ALIGN=right>
+<LI>support was add for ICC: <TT>NumberOfInks</TT>, and <TT>ICCProfile</TT>
+<LI>a memory leak caused by doing <TT>TIFFSetDirectory(0)</TT> was fixed
+<LI>a bug was fixed whereby certain multi-directory files were not
+ properly handled when accessed by mapping the data into memory
+<LI>the strip chopping support is now always compiled
+ into the library with the default usage controlled by a
+ <TT>STRIPCHOP_DEFAULT</TT> configuration parameter
+<LI>the strip chopping support no longer chops tiled images
+<LI>all static strings are now const--for shared libraries
+<LI>the logic for estimating the strip size of images without
+ a <TT>StripByteCounts</TT> tag was improved by handling
+ <TT>PlanarContig</TT> images differently from <TT>PlanarSeparate</TT>
+<LI>a bug was fixed in the G3 codec when converting the Y resolution
+ of data specified in metric units
+<LI>a bug was fixed in the G3/G4 decoder for data where lines terminate
+ with a v0 code
+<LI>the <TT>TIFFRGBAImage</TT> support was changed to scale 16-bit colormap
+ entries more conservatively to avoid problems with applications
+ that do not generate fully saturated pixel values
+<LI>the LZW decoder was changed to use a more conservative scheme when
+ bounds checking the hash table array; this avoids pitfalls with
+ systems that load objects into memory in unusual locations
+<LI>a bug was fixed in <TT>TIFFPrintDirectory</TT>'s handling of the
+ <TT>InkNames</TT> tag
+<LI><TT>TIFFPrintDirectory</TT> now understands <TT>NumberOfInks</TT>
+ and ICC-related tags
+<LI>the routines for reading image data now provide more useful information
+ when a read error is encountered
+<LI>support was added for compiling with Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0
+<P><HR WIDTH=65% ALIGN=right>
+<LI>a bug was fixed in <B>pal2rgb</B>'s colormap handling
+<LI><B>tiff2ps</B> now includes John Wehle's changes for maintaining
+ the aspect ratio
+ of images when scaling and for honoring the deadzone on a page when
+ generating PostScript Level II
+<LI><B>tiff2ps</B> does a better job guarding against the mishandling
+ of greyscale images
+<LI><B>tiff2ps</B> now correctly converts X- and Y-resolution values
+ specified in metric units
+<LI><B>tiffdump</B> has a new <TT>-m</TT> option to control the maximum
+ number of indirect
+ data values printed for a tag (by default 24)
+<LI><B>tiffdump</B> understands several new tags
+<LI><B>tiffdump</B> now shows any terminating null in ASCII strings
+<LI><B>tiffinfo</B> now suppresses strip chopping when interpreting an image;
+ a new <TT>-z</TT> option has been added to enable strip chopping
+<A HREF="index.html"><IMG SRC="images/back.gif"></A> TIFF home page.<BR>
+<A HREF="sam.html">Sam Leffler</A> / <A HREF=""></A>
+Last updated $Date: 1999/08/09 20:21:21 $.