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diff --git a/src/3rdparty/pcre2/src/sljit/sljitLir.h b/src/3rdparty/pcre2/src/sljit/sljitLir.h
index e71890cf7b..836d25cf71 100644
--- a/src/3rdparty/pcre2/src/sljit/sljitLir.h
+++ b/src/3rdparty/pcre2/src/sljit/sljitLir.h
@@ -348,13 +348,20 @@ struct sljit_label {
struct sljit_jump {
struct sljit_jump *next;
sljit_uw addr;
- sljit_sw flags;
+ sljit_uw flags;
union {
sljit_uw target;
- struct sljit_label* label;
+ struct sljit_label *label;
} u;
+struct sljit_put_label {
+ struct sljit_put_label *next;
+ struct sljit_label *label;
+ sljit_uw addr;
+ sljit_uw flags;
struct sljit_const {
struct sljit_const *next;
sljit_uw addr;
@@ -366,10 +373,12 @@ struct sljit_compiler {
struct sljit_label *labels;
struct sljit_jump *jumps;
+ struct sljit_put_label *put_labels;
struct sljit_const *consts;
struct sljit_label *last_label;
struct sljit_jump *last_jump;
struct sljit_const *last_const;
+ struct sljit_put_label *last_put_label;
void *allocator_data;
struct sljit_memory_fragment *buf;
@@ -1314,10 +1323,17 @@ SLJIT_API_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE sljit_s32 sljit_emit_fmem(struct sljit_compiler *compil
Flags: - (may destroy flags) */
SLJIT_API_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE sljit_s32 sljit_get_local_base(struct sljit_compiler *compiler, sljit_s32 dst, sljit_sw dstw, sljit_sw offset);
-/* The constant can be changed runtime (see: sljit_set_const)
+/* Store a value that can be changed runtime (see: sljit_get_const_addr / sljit_set_const)
Flags: - (does not modify flags) */
SLJIT_API_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE struct sljit_const* sljit_emit_const(struct sljit_compiler *compiler, sljit_s32 dst, sljit_sw dstw, sljit_sw init_value);
+/* Store the value of a label (see: sljit_set_put_label)
+ Flags: - (does not modify flags) */
+SLJIT_API_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE struct sljit_put_label* sljit_emit_put_label(struct sljit_compiler *compiler, sljit_s32 dst, sljit_sw dstw);
+/* Set the value stored by put_label to this label. */
+SLJIT_API_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE void sljit_set_put_label(struct sljit_put_label *put_label, struct sljit_label *label);
/* After the code generation the address for label, jump and const instructions
are computed. Since these structures are freed by sljit_free_compiler, the
addresses must be preserved by the user program elsewere. */