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+Additionally, a forwards compatibility bug in libxcb xinput has been addressed
+by the following patch:
+The crux of the issue is that libxcb thinks that it knows about all device
+class types sent by the X server XInput extension. With the addition of
+touchpad gestures in XInput 2.4 and X server 21.1 this is no longer the case
+and libxcb fails horribly by thinking that the protocol was malformed.
+The X server currently has a workaround, but it would not address the following
+ - there are multiple modules within the same X client (e.g. part of the application
+ uses Qt, another part talks to X server via another library)
+ - both of the modules talk to XI
+ - at least one module requests for XI 2.4 protocol support.
+The request for XI 2.4 disables the workaround on the X server and Qt side would
+crash horribly.
+For more details, see