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This problem doesn't occur with functions that return a const or
non-const reference to a container.
+ \section3 Implicit sharing iterator problem
\l{Implicit sharing} has another consequence on STL-style
- iterators: You must not take a copy of a container while
- non-const iterators are active on that container. Java-style
- iterators don't suffer from that limitation.
+ iterators: you should avoid copying a container while
+ iterators are active on that container. The iterators
+ point to an internal structure, and if you copy a container
+ you should be very careful with your iterators. E.g:
+ \snippet code/doc_src_containers.cpp 24
+ The above example only shows a problem with QVector, but
+ the problem exists for all the implicitly shared Qt containers.
\keyword foreach
\section1 The foreach Keyword