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@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ QAbstractFileEngine *QFilePrivate::engine() const
disk into a 16-bit Unicode QString. By default, it assumes that
the user system's local 8-bit encoding is used (e.g., UTF-8
on most unix based operating systems; see QTextCodec::codecForLocale() for
- details). This can be changed using setCodec().
+ details). This can be changed using \l QTextStream::setCodec().
To write text, we can use operator<<(), which is overloaded to
take a QTextStream on the left and various data types (including
@@ -987,8 +987,8 @@ bool QFile::open(FILE *fh, OpenMode mode, FileHandleFlags handleFlags)
those cases, size() returns \c 0. See QIODevice::isSequential()
for more information.
- \warning For Windows CE you may not be able to call seek(), setSize(),
- fileTime(). size() returns \c 0.
+ \warning For Windows CE you may not be able to call seek(), and size()
+ returns \c 0.
\warning Since this function opens the file without specifying the file name,
you cannot use this QFile with a QFileInfo.