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@@ -2496,6 +2496,12 @@ void QConfFileSettingsPrivate::ensureSectionParsed(QConfFile *confFile,
\snippet code/src_corelib_io_qsettings.cpp 7
+ \li On Mac OS X, permissions to access settings not belonging to the
+ current user (i.e. SystemScope) have changed with 10.7 (Lion). Prior to
+ that version, users having admin rights could access these. For 10.7 and
+ 10.8 (Mountain Lion), only root can. However, 10.9 (Mavericks) changes
+ that rule again but only for the native format (plist files).
\li On Unix and Mac OS X systems, the advisory file locking is disabled
if NFS (or AutoFS or CacheFS) is detected to work around a bug in the
NFS fcntl() implementation, which hangs forever if statd or lockd aren't