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to the interface class called \a ClassName. The \a Identifier must
be unique. For example:
- \snippet plugandpaint/interfaces.h 3
+ \snippet plugandpaint/app/interfaces.h 3
This macro is normally used right after the class definition for
\a ClassName, in a header file. See the
- \l{tools/plugandpaint}{Plug & Paint} example for details.
+ \l{tools/plugandpaint/app}{Plug & Paint} example for details.
If you want to use Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE with interface classes
declared in a namespace then you have to make sure the Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE
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\snippet code/doc_src_qplugin.cpp 1
- See the \l{tools/plugandpaint}{Plug & Paint} example for details.
+ See the \l{tools/plugandpaint/app}{Plug & Paint} example for details.
Note that the class this macro appears on must be default-constructible.