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@@ -1807,6 +1807,18 @@ uint qHash(long double key, uint seed) noexcept
\sa insertMulti()
+/*! \fn template <class Key, class T> void QHash<Key, T>::insert(const QHash &other)
+ \since 5.15
+ Inserts all the items in the \a other hash into this hash.
+ If a key is common to both hashes, its value will be replaced with the
+ value stored in \a other.
+ \note If \a other contains multiple entries with the same key then the
+ final value of the key is undefined.
/*! \fn template <class Key, class T> QHash<Key, T>::iterator QHash<Key, T>::insertMulti(const Key &key, const T &value)
Inserts a new item with the \a key and a value of \a value.