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Creates a QSharedPointer that points to \a ptr. The pointer \a ptr
becomes managed by this QSharedPointer and must not be passed to
another QSharedPointer object or deleted outside this object.
+ Since Qt 5.8, when the last reference to this QSharedPointer gets
+ destroyed, \a ptr will be deleted by calling \c X's destructor (even if \c
+ X is not the same as QSharedPointer's template parameter \c T). Previously,
+ the destructor for \c T was called.
@@ -477,6 +482,9 @@
+ Note that the custom deleter function will be called with a pointer to type
+ \c X, even if the QSharedPointer template parameter \c T is not the same.
It is also possible to specify a member function directly, as in:
QSharedPointer<MyObject> obj =