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@@ -2141,9 +2141,7 @@ QSize QAbstractItemModel::span(const QModelIndex &) const
Sets the model's role names to \a roleNames.
This function allows mapping of role identifiers to role property names in
- Declarative UI. This function must be called before the model is used.
- Modifying the role names after the model has been set may result in
- undefined behaviour.
+ scripting languages.
\sa roleNames()
@@ -3420,6 +3418,11 @@ bool QAbstractListModel::dropMimeData(const QMimeData *data, Qt::DropAction acti
This signal is emitted when reset() is called, after the model's internal
state (e.g. persistent model indexes) has been invalidated.
+ Note that if a model is reset it should be considered that all information
+ previously retrieved from it is invalid. This includes but is not limited
+ to the rowCount() and columnCount(), flags(), data retrieved through data(),
+ and roleNames().
\sa endResetModel(), modelAboutToBeReset()