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@@ -106,4 +106,51 @@ void QPlatformNativeInterface::setWindowProperty(QPlatformWindow *window, const
+ \typedef QPlatformNativeInterface::EventFilter
+ \since 5.0
+ A function with the following signature that can be used as an
+ event filter:
+ \code
+ bool myEventFilter(void *message, long *result);
+ \endcode
+ \sa setEventFilter()
+ \fn EventFilter QPlatformNativeInterface::setEventFilter(const QByteArray &eventType, EventFilter filter)
+ \since 5.0
+ Replaces the event filter function for the native interface with
+ \a filter and returns the pointer to the replaced event filter
+ function. Only the current event filter function is called. If you
+ want to use both filter functions, save the replaced EventFilter
+ in a place where you can call it from.
+ The event filter function set here is called for all messages
+ received from the platform if they are given type \eventType.
+ It is \i not called for messages that are not meant for Qt objects.
+ The type of event is specific to the platform plugin chosen at run-time.
+ The event filter function should return \c true if the message should
+ be filtered, (i.e. stopped). It should return \c false to allow
+ processing the message to continue.
+ By default, no event filter function is set. For example, this function
+ returns a null EventFilter the first time it is called.
+ \note The filter function here receives native messages,
+ for example, MSG or XEvent structs. It is called by the platform plugin.
+QPlatformNativeInterface::EventFilter QPlatformNativeInterface::setEventFilter(const QByteArray &eventType, QPlatformNativeInterface::EventFilter filter)
+ Q_UNUSED(eventType);
+ Q_UNUSED(filter);
+ return 0;