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#include "qstringlist.h"
#include "qurl.h"
+#ifndef QT_NO_BEARERMANAGEMENT // ### Qt6: Remove section
#include <QtNetwork/QNetworkConfiguration>
@@ -984,11 +984,6 @@ template<> void QSharedDataPointer<QNetworkProxyQueryPrivate>::detach()
like choosing an caching HTTP proxy for HTTP-based connections,
but a more powerful SOCKSv5 proxy for all others.
- The network configuration specifies which configuration to use,
- when bearer management is used. For example on a mobile phone
- the proxy settings are likely to be different for the cellular
- network vs WLAN.
Some of the criteria may not make sense in all of the types of
query. The following table lists the criteria that are most
commonly used, according to the type of query.