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@@ -3612,6 +3612,11 @@ void QGLContext::doneCurrent()
except that you have the choice between using QPainter and
standard OpenGL rendering commands.
+ \note This class is part of the legacy \l {Qt OpenGL} module and,
+ like the other \c QGL classes, should be avoided in the new
+ applications. Instead, starting from Qt 5.4, prefer using
+ QOpenGLWidget and the \c QOpenGL classes.
QGLWidget provides three convenient virtual functions that you can
reimplement in your subclass to perform the typical OpenGL tasks:
@@ -3807,7 +3812,7 @@ void QGLContext::doneCurrent()
\e{OpenGL is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. in the United States and other
- \sa QGLPixelBuffer, {Hello GL Example}, {2D Painting Example}, {Overpainting Example},
+ \sa QOpenGLWidget, QGLPixelBuffer, {Hello GL Example}, {2D Painting Example}, {Overpainting Example},
{Grabber Example}