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@@ -374,17 +374,6 @@ QFontEngine *QCoreTextFontDatabaseEngineFactory<QCoreTextFontEngine>::fontEngine
QCFType<CTFontDescriptorRef> descriptor = QCFType<CTFontDescriptorRef>::constructFromGet(
- // CoreText will sometimes invalidate information in font descriptors that refer
- // to system fonts in certain function calls or application states. While the descriptor
- // looks the same from the outside, some internal plumbing is different, causing the results
- // of creating CTFonts from those descriptors unreliable. The work-around for this
- // is to copy the attributes of those descriptors each time we make a new CTFont
- // from them instead of referring to the original, as that may trigger the CoreText bug.
- if (m_systemFontDescriptors.contains(descriptor)) {
- QCFType<CFDictionaryRef> attributes = CTFontDescriptorCopyAttributes(descriptor);
- descriptor = CTFontDescriptorCreateWithAttributes(attributes);
- }
// Since we do not pass in the destination DPI to CoreText when making
// the font, we need to pass in a point size which is scaled to include
// the DPI. The default DPI for the screen is 72, thus the scale factor