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diff --git a/src/printsupport/kernel/qprinter.cpp b/src/printsupport/kernel/qprinter.cpp
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--- a/src/printsupport/kernel/qprinter.cpp
+++ b/src/printsupport/kernel/qprinter.cpp
@@ -1882,16 +1882,12 @@ QPrintEngine *QPrinter::printEngine() const
return d->printEngine;
-#if defined (Q_OS_WIN)
\obsolete Use QPageSize::id(windowsId) and setPageLayout(QPageSize) instead.
Sets the page size to be used by the printer under Windows to \a
- \warning This function is not portable so you may prefer to use
- setPaperSize() instead.
\sa pageLayout()
void QPrinter::setWinPageSize(int pageSize)
@@ -1906,9 +1902,6 @@ void QPrinter::setWinPageSize(int pageSize)
Returns the page size used by the printer under Windows.
- \warning This function is not portable so you may prefer to use
- paperSize() instead.
\sa pageLayout()
int QPrinter::winPageSize() const
@@ -1916,7 +1909,6 @@ int QPrinter::winPageSize() const
Q_D(const QPrinter);
return d->printEngine->property(QPrintEngine::PPK_WindowsPageSize).toInt();
-#endif // Q_OS_WIN
Returns a list of the resolutions (a list of dots-per-inch