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\li \c -nocrashhandler \br
Disables the crash handler on Unix platforms.
On Windows, it re-enables the Windows Error Reporting dialog, which is
- turned off by default.
+ turned off by default. This is useful for debugging crashes.
\li \c -platform \e name \br
This command line argument applies to all Qt applications, but might be
diff --git a/src/testlib/qtestcase.cpp b/src/testlib/qtestcase.cpp
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@@ -485,7 +485,7 @@ Q_TESTLIB_EXPORT void qtest_qParseArgs(int argc, char *argv[], bool qml)
" -mousedelay ms : Set default delay for mouse simulation to ms milliseconds\n"
" -maxwarnings n : Sets the maximum amount of messages to output.\n"
" 0 means unlimited, default: 2000\n"
- " -nocrashhandler : Disables the crash handler\n"
+ " -nocrashhandler : Disables the crash handler. Useful for debugging crashes.\n"
" Benchmarking options:\n"