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+++ b/src/widgets/kernel/qwidget.cpp
@@ -77,7 +77,6 @@
#include "private/qstylesheetstyle_p.h"
#include "private/qstyle_p.h"
#include "qfileinfo.h"
-#include "private/qsoftkeymanager_p.h"
#include <QtGui/qinputmethod.h>
#include <private/qgraphicseffect_p.h>
@@ -906,30 +905,6 @@ void QWidget::setAutoFillBackground(bool enabled)
\sa QEvent, QPainter, QGridLayout, QBoxLayout
- \section1 Softkeys
- Since Qt 4.6, Softkeys are usually physical keys on a device that have a corresponding label or
- other visual representation on the screen that is generally located next to its
- physical counterpart. They are most often found on mobile phone platforms. In
- modern touch based user interfaces it is also possible to have softkeys that do
- not correspond to any physical keys. Softkeys differ from other onscreen labels
- in that they are contextual.
- In Qt, contextual softkeys are added to a widget by calling addAction() and
- passing a \c QAction with a softkey role set on it. When the widget
- containing the softkey actions has focus, its softkeys should appear in
- the user interface. Softkeys are discovered by traversing the widget
- hierarchy so it is possible to define a single set of softkeys that are
- present at all times by calling addAction() for a given top level widget.
- On some platforms, this concept overlaps with \c QMenuBar such that if no
- other softkeys are found and the top level widget is a QMainWindow containing
- a QMenuBar, the menubar actions may appear on one of the softkeys.
- Note: Currently softkeys are only supported on the Symbian Platform.
- \sa addAction(), QAction, QMenuBar
QWidgetMapper *QWidgetPrivate::mapper = 0; // widget with wid
@@ -7956,9 +7931,6 @@ bool QWidget::event(QEvent *event)
case QEvent::FocusIn:
- QSoftKeyManager::updateSoftKeys();
@@ -8109,12 +8081,6 @@ bool QWidget::event(QEvent *event)
if (w && w->isVisible() && !w->isWindow())
QApplication::sendEvent(w, event);
- if (isWindow())
- QSoftKeyManager::updateSoftKeys();
break; }
case QEvent::LanguageChange:
@@ -8199,9 +8165,6 @@ bool QWidget::event(QEvent *event)
case QEvent::ActionAdded:
case QEvent::ActionRemoved:
case QEvent::ActionChanged:
- QSoftKeyManager::updateSoftKeys();