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other items of the menu. This is supported on most modern
desktop platforms.
+ \value SH_Menu_SubMenuUniDirection Since Qt 5.5. If the cursor has
+ to move towards the submenu (like it is on OS X), or if the
+ cursor can move in any direction as long as it reaches the
+ submenu before the sloppy timeout.
+ \value SH_Menu_SubMenuUniDirectionFailCount Since Qt 5.5. When
+ SH_Menu_SubMenuUniDirection is defined this enum defines the
+ number of failed mouse moves before the sloppy submenu is
+ discarded. This can be used to control the "strictness" of the
+ uni direction algorithm.
+ \value SH_Menu_SubMenuSloppySelectOtherActions Since Qt 5.5. Should
+ other action items be selected when the mouse moves towards a
+ sloppy submenu.
+ \value SH_Menu_SubMenuSloppyCloseTimeout Since Qt 5.5. The timeout
+ used to close sloppy submenus.
+ \value SH_Menu_SubMenuResetWhenReenteringParent Since Qt 5.5. When
+ entering parent from child submenu, should the sloppy state be
+ reset, effectively closing the child and making the current
+ submenu active.
+ \value SH_Menu_SubMenuDontStartSloppyOnLeave Since Qt 5.5. Do not
+ start sloppy timers when the mouse leaves a sub-menu.
\value SH_ScrollView_FrameOnlyAroundContents Whether scrollviews
draw their frame only around contents (like Motif), or around
contents, scroll bars and corner widgets (like Windows).