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\brief The Qt Concurrent module contains functionality to support concurrent execution of program code
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable concurrent
The Qt Concurrent module extends the basic threading support found in \l{Qt Core} module and
simplifies the development of code that can be executed in parallel on all available CPU cores.
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\module QtCore
\title Qt Core C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable core
\brief Provides core non-GUI functionality.
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to perform Inter-Process Communication using the \l{D-Bus} protocol.
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable dbus
\target The QDBus compiler
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\module QtGui
\title Qt GUI C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable gui
\brief The Qt GUI module provides the basic enablers for graphical
applications written with Qt.
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\module QtNetwork
\title Qt Network C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable network
\brief Provides classes to make network programming easier and portable
To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the
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\module QtOpenGL
\title Qt OpenGL C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable opengl
\brief The Qt OpenGL module offers classes that make it easy to
use OpenGL in Qt applications.
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\brief The Qt PrintSupport module provides classes to make printing easier and portable.
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable printsupport
To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the
following directive:
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\module QtSql
\title Qt SQL C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable sql
\brief Provides a driver layer, SQL API layer, and a user
interface layer for SQL databases.
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\module QtTest
\title Qt Test C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable testlib
\keyword QtTest
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\module QtWidgets
\title Qt Widgets C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable widgets
\brief The Qt Widgets module extends Qt GUI with C++ widget functionality.
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\module QtXml
\title Qt XML C++ Classes
\ingroup modules
+ \qtvariable xml
\brief The Qt XML module provides C++ implementations of the SAX and DOM standards for XML.