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* tst_qtranslator: Remove QT_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE=0Debao Zhang2013-04-122-9/+6
* tst_qcoreapplication: Remove QT_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE=0Debao Zhang2013-04-122-2/+1
* tst_qdataurl: Remove QT_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE=0Debao Zhang2013-04-121-2/+0
* Fix leaking of QFontEngineDataKonstantin Ritt2013-04-124-15/+25
* Enable qDebug to console when desired on Android.Gunnar Sletta2013-04-121-1/+7
* Warn if mouse event occurs outside target window in tests.Stephen Kelly2013-04-121-0/+3
* Only test cmake module versions if available for test.Stephen Kelly2013-04-111-18/+23
* Remove unused private members [tools]Thiago Macieira2013-04-115-7/+2
* Fix the check if mouse events should be synthesized from touch eventsFabian Bumberger2013-04-114-7/+17
* ANGLE: Use rtti_off in CONFIG only for releaseJonathan Liu2013-04-111-1/+2
* INSTALL: Fix URL of Installing Qt documentationSergio Ahumada2013-04-111-8/+6
* Minimize the contents of the INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIESStephen Kelly2013-04-111-4/+5
* Android: Remove qdevice.pri warning in configure stepEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2013-04-111-1/+2
* Write two missing linker options to the vcxproj fileAndy Shaw2013-04-111-0/+4
* Call QString::normalized when it is constructed via the native APIAndy Shaw2013-04-111-4/+4
* Do not show the warning if queryAI() returns an invalid interface.Jan Arve Saether2013-04-111-1/+1
* QVector: Fix signedness warning in assert.Friedemann Kleint2013-04-111-1/+1
* Stabilize tst_qcombobox.Friedemann Kleint2013-04-111-46/+127
* Merge "Merge branch 'release' into stable" into refs/staging/stableStephen Kelly2013-04-112-16/+27
| * Merge branch 'release' into stableSergio Ahumada2013-04-102-16/+27
| |\
| | * Update changes log for 5.0.2v5.0.2Sergio Ahumada2013-04-081-16/+26
| | * Fix compilation with QT_NO_ACCESSIBILITY.Friedemann Kleint2013-04-081-0/+4
| | * Clear the WA_QuitOnClose flag from EvalMessageBox.Michael Brüning2013-04-081-0/+1
* | | Make qt5_use_modules find dependents only in the parent directory.Stephen Kelly2013-04-111-1/+2
* | | Make the umbrella Qt5 CMake Config file find components only in the parent di...Stephen Kelly2013-04-111-3/+3
* | | QFreetypeFace: Fix getFace() uses UTF-8 paths on non UTF-8 localesKonstantin Ritt2013-04-115-6/+6
* | | Fix QFontconfigDatabase unable to fallback to a localized familyKonstantin Ritt2013-04-113-15/+13
* | | Generate Win64 code when testing 64bit Qt on Windows.Stephen Kelly2013-04-101-0/+4
* | | Use CMake facility for verbose makefiles instead of an env var.Stephen Kelly2013-04-102-4/+6
* | | Windows: Dont use black as clear color on opengl windowsJens Bache-Wiig2013-04-101-4/+1
* | | Don't use UNAME_MACHINE on LinuxThiago Macieira2013-04-101-8/+1
* | | QNX: Adjust rotation according to initial orientationRafael Roquetto2013-04-103-0/+14
* | | Android: Backslash workarounds for Unix Makefile generatorRay Donnelly2013-04-101-10/+14
|/ /
* | QNetworkConfigurationManager: check whether app is shutting downPeter Hartmann2013-04-101-1/+5
* | Fix access to invalid memoryKai Koehne2013-04-101-1/+2
* | Doc: Fix minor typoSze Howe Koh2013-04-101-1/+1
* | Remove QT_{BEGIN,END}_HEADERS macrosSergio Ahumada2013-04-101-4/+0
* | Add keys required for ad-hoc distribution.Morten Johan Sørvig2013-04-091-0/+8
* | Mac: Ensure the native filedialog sets file name when savingLiang Qi2013-04-091-2/+2
* | OSX window: set QWindow geometry after native window is createdShawn Rutledge2013-04-091-2/+1
* | Mac: Return Qt::Key_F9 for F9, not Qt::Key_F8hjk2013-04-091-1/+1
* | qmake/nmake: do not remove NDEBUG from DEFINESJoerg Bornemann2013-04-092-6/+1
* | doc: Minor changes to qtgui.qdocconfSergio Ahumada2013-04-092-3/+3
* | Use Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE for Oracle and DB2 pluginsAndy Shaw2013-04-094-12/+31
* | Verify Xcode installation more thoroughly before relying on itTor Arne Vestbø2013-04-094-4/+32
* | Use absolute paths for Xcode helpers such as xcodebuild/xcrun/xcode-selectTor Arne Vestbø2013-04-093-7/+7
* | Doc: Fix minor typoSze Howe Koh2013-04-091-1/+1
* | Doc: fix compilability of the exampleThiago Macieira2013-04-091-1/+1
* | Doc: add row for Qt 5.0 datastream versionThiago Macieira2013-04-091-0/+1
* | Add spaces around the components of a pkg-config Cflags: fieldThiago Macieira2013-04-091-3/+3