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* Fix Xcb autodetection during configure.Jędrzej Nowacki2011-09-152-0/+10
* Boost performance of QChar::isSpaceKent Hansen2011-09-153-5/+35
* Boost performance of QChar::isLetterOrNumberKent Hansen2011-09-153-3/+41
* Boost performance of QChar::isLetterKent Hansen2011-09-153-3/+44
* Boost performance of QChar::isDigitKent Hansen2011-09-153-3/+34
* Boost performance of QChar::is{Upper,Lower}Kent Hansen2011-09-151-2/+8
* Add benchmark for QCharKent Hansen2011-09-152-0/+157
* Fix include path.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-151-1/+1
* The Q_WS_X11 define exists no longer. Use Q_OS_UNIX.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-156-70/+71
* Fix warning when building objects with a Q_OBJECT macroTobias Hunger2011-09-151-1/+1
* Re-add QT_GCC_*_VERSION qmake variablesSimon Hausmann2011-09-151-0/+24
* doc: Fix incorrect enum name in QRawFont::alphaMapForGlyph docsEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2011-09-151-1/+2
* Properly register preedit text in QLineControlEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2011-09-151-1/+0
* compile when shadowing is an errorGunnar Sletta2011-09-152-10/+10
* Get the 'dockwidgets' example to compile.Jason Barron2011-09-151-1/+1
* Get the Windows GL context to compile.Jason Barron2011-09-151-5/+1
* Make the Windows input context compile after the refactoring.Jason Barron2011-09-152-23/+14
* Fixed crash in tst_QPathClipper.Samuel Rødal2011-09-152-3/+1
* Fixed tst_QIcon::task184901_badCache().Samuel Rødal2011-09-152-32/+30
* Fixed tst_qpixmap::grabWidget().Samuel Rødal2011-09-152-2/+2
* Remove AccessibleEx classes.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-1519-355/+204
* Revert accidental v8 submodule version downgradeKent Hansen2011-09-151-0/+0
* tests: removed semi-obsolete `maketestselftest'Rohan McGovern2011-09-157-697/+0
* Fix missing/incorrect license headersJason McDonald2011-09-157-1/+245
* Fix email address in license headers.Jason McDonald2011-09-1545-45/+45
* Add missing license headersJason McDonald2011-09-159-0/+360
* Fix stale license headers from refactor branchJason McDonald2011-09-1524-409/+409
* Add missing license headers.Jason McDonald2011-09-152-0/+82
* Add a function to get all relations of an accessible.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-152-4/+25
* Ensure build_all is propagated to all modules when appropriate.Rohan McGovern2011-09-153-2/+3
* revert bogus .pro.user file additionOswald Buddenhagen2011-09-141-83/+0
* Use QPlaftormInputContextFactory to load input context in Wayland pluginJoona Petrell2011-09-142-0/+13
* Add new composite Qt::ImQueryInput queryJoona Petrell2011-09-142-1/+3
* Fix warnings received when xcb platform is ran without ibus platforminputcontextJoona Petrell2011-09-141-7/+8
* Don't build ibus when dbus is not availablePaul Olav Tvete2011-09-141-2/+2
* Adjust test to the new locationLars Knoll2011-09-141-5/+5
* disable autotests temporarily on MacLars Knoll2011-09-141-0/+2
* added small delay after touch event is dispatchedMatthew Cattell2011-09-141-0/+1
* Windows: fixed compile of libQtPlatformSupportRohan McGovern2011-09-144-2/+19
* Windows: disable the (currently broken) Windows platform pluginRohan McGovern2011-09-141-1/+4
* Windows: correctly disable ibus plugin on WindowsRohan McGovern2011-09-141-1/+1
* Removed obsolete QEXPECT_FAILJo Asplin2011-09-141-4/+0
* Temporarily disabled testsJo Asplin2011-09-143-3/+6
* Temporarily disabled testsHolger Ihrig2011-09-142-0/+2
* export QActionPrivate, as the Mac Cocoa plugin needs itLars Knoll2011-09-131-1/+1
* Remove uilib and QtUiTools from QtBaseLars Knoll2011-09-13233-52574/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of Sletta2011-09-131-1/+1
| * Fix outdated license headerJason McDonald2011-09-131-1/+1
* | Merge branch 'refactor'Gunnar Sletta2011-09-1311855-513777/+441255
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * make a toplevel compile workGunnar Sletta2011-09-131-1/+1